MCCA Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Mill Creek Community Association is scheduled for Wednesday September 28, 2011. The meeting will be held in the Cedar Room at the Mill Creek Country Club 15500 Country Club Drive Mill Creek, WA 98012. Sign in begins at 6:30PM and the meeting will be called to order at 7:00PM. All resident members of the Mill Creek Community Association are encouraged to attend in person. In addition, all resident members should have received [ and returned ] their proxy along with the minutes from the 2010 Annual Meeting and a list of MCCA Board of Director Candidates. The proxy must be returned to the MCCA office located at 15714 Country Club Drive Mill Creek, WA 98012 or faxed to 425-357-9737 before the meeting — by 5:00PM Sept 28th. If you do in fact attend the meeting after sending your proxy, simply sign in and you will receive a ballot. Any proxy of record will be cancelled. Do tell.

The Agenda is as follows:

  • 7:00 Call to order
  • 7:15 Approval of prior minutes
  • 7:30 President’s Report
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Committee Recognition
  • 7:45 Election for the Board of Director
  • 7:50 Winslow Development — Merger into MCCA
  • 8:00 Voting
  • 8:15 Member Input
  • 9:00 Adjourn



Douglas Fir Residents Meet

Last night [9/18] about 50 residents from the Douglas Fir Division met for a Block Party. It was organized by Steve and Jac-e Albertsen as a meet & greet between division pioneers, newcomers and everyone in between. Along with food, beverages and socializing, there was a brief meeting to give information/discuss a recent rash of break-ins that have hit the neighborhood in the past few months.

Several of the homeowners affected shared their experiences and added tips as to what they or anyone else might do to protect themselves and their property from future incidents. The general modus operandi seems to be thieves who have possibly “cased” their targets to some degree, then seized the opportunity of an open/ajar window to gain entry. The perps apparently made straight for the master bedroom to find a jewelry box or anything left out on the dresser, grab it and go. It looks like the thieves are going for the quick hit in hopes they’ll find gold and silver, both trading at record prices.

In light of this, everyone had fun, but the serious side to the block party was to, encourage neighbors to get to know their neighbors, encourage volunteers to form a Block Watch Committee, and to take a proactive stance in crime prevention & defense in the Douglas Fir Division. Do tell.

There were signups for Block Watch Group, Summer 2012 BBQ, Entrance Christmas lighting/decoration, and Spring/Summer flowers.

Darby Hackett was named Douglas Fir Goodwill Ambassador recognizing her efforts to keep the entrance to Douglas Fir planted, watered & maintained. Congrats, Darby!

All in all, I think it was an event long overdue. Thanks to Jac-e and Steve for pulling it all together and getting the word out. Thank you to Dennis and Karen for hosting in their driveway/garage, and we didn’t get rained on. Yea!

Mill Creek Garden Club

Fall is approaching and the Mill Creek Garden Club is getting back into the swing with meetings, luncheons and events this Wednesday, September 14th 2011.

The group, which is open to all levels of interest in gardening, from beginning to expert- casual to formal- meets the second Wednesday every month between September and May. The meetings are held at the Mill Creek Country Club and include a program that begins at 11:00AM and followed by lunch, good conversation and friendship.

In addition to the monthly program & luncheon, the group schedules field trips, fundraisers for scholarships & grants, and plants & maintains the entrance flowers at City Hall, the garden at Veteran’s Monument in Library Park, and the Friendship Garden on Village Green Drive. Do tell.

Yearly dues are $25 and the lunch is $23 for members and $25 for guests. Unfortunately, the deadline for reservations for this Wednesday was on September 9th. Fortunately, it’s not too late to get in on the fun for the rest of the schedule.

To get more information, join and reserve for the October meeting, go to and click on Contact and links to additional links to direct email form or download a membership application form. You can also check out the programs scheduled on the Programs – Projects link.