Mill Creek Marijuana License Applicants

The Washington State Liquor Control Board has published the list of businesses who have applied to be part of the new Marijuana industry in our state according to the rules established following the passage of I-502. The 30 day license application window closed Dec 20th at 5PM.  To see rules click on link to find downloadable copy:

Those business with Mill Creek addresses included 4 applications for Retailer Licenses listed by the trade names.

  • Globodyne   800 164th ST. SE 
  •  Seattle Distributors   3502 149th Pl SE
  • Steves Greens   800 164th ST SE
  • Weed World    13825 41st DR SE

Addresses above may or not be where the actual retail establishment will be located. Some applicants have used addresses as placeholders. That will have to be resolved because location, location, location is a huge factor in the Liquor Control Board approving/granting a license. Do tell.

There was one applicant for Producer Tier 1 license — Omni Growers 13425 31st Ave SE Mill Creek.

There were no applicants with Mill Creek address for a for Processor license.

Licensees will also be subject to City/local zoning laws.  Reminder: Public Hearing on Marijuana Moratorium Jan 14 6:30PM at Mill Creek City Council.  See previous post.

To check out the complete list of applicants in the State of Washington click on link below, then click on Marijuana Applicants. It is an Excel spreadsheet, whereby you can sort by County, City, Trade Name etc.


MC Council Public Hearing: Marijuana Moratorium

doTellLogoThe Mill Creek City Council will hold a public hearing — January 14th — pursuant to RCW 36.70A.390 for the purpose of taking testimony & public comment regarding a proposed ordinance to extend the moratorium established by Mill Creek Ord. No. 2013-767. Do tell.

Mill Creek Ord. No. 2013-767 declared a moratorium on acceptance & processing of applications or approvals for building and land use permits or business licenses, or other applications concerning or related to any and all marijuana collective gardens, marijuana businesses or activities, including but not limited to marijuana production, processing and distribution in the City.  A copy of Mill Creek Ordinance No. 2013-767 is available at:

DATE:                   Tuesday, January 14, 2014

TIME:                    6:00 p.m. (or as soon thereafter as possible)

PLACE:                Mill Creek City Hall – Council Chambers

15728 Main Street

Mill Creek, Washington  98012

Citizens have the right to present written and/or oral testimony at the hearing, or may submit comments, in writing to the City Clerk prior to the hearing concerning the moratorium.

Kelly M. Chelin  — City Clerk

15728 Main Street   Mill Creek, Washington 98012

 “We are trying to make our public meetings accessible to all members of the public. If you need special accommodations please call City Hall at (425) 745-1891 three days prior to the meetings.”