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Mill Creek Marijuana License Applicants

The Washington State Liquor Control Board has published the list of businesses who have applied to be part of the new Marijuana industry in our state according to the rules established following the passage of I-502. The 30 day license application window closed Dec 20th at 5PM.  To see rules click on link to find downloadable copy:

Those business with Mill Creek addresses included 4 applications for Retailer Licenses listed by the trade names.

  • Globodyne   800 164th ST. SE 
  •  Seattle Distributors   3502 149th Pl SE
  • Steves Greens   800 164th ST SE
  • Weed World    13825 41st DR SE

Addresses above may or not be where the actual retail establishment will be located. Some applicants have used addresses as placeholders. That will have to be resolved because location, location, location is a huge factor in the Liquor Control Board approving/granting a license. Do tell.

There was one applicant for Producer Tier 1 license — Omni Growers 13425 31st Ave SE Mill Creek.

There were no applicants with Mill Creek address for a for Processor license.

Licensees will also be subject to City/local zoning laws.  Reminder: Public Hearing on Marijuana Moratorium Jan 14 6:30PM at Mill Creek City Council.  See previous post.

To check out the complete list of applicants in the State of Washington click on link below, then click on Marijuana Applicants. It is an Excel spreadsheet, whereby you can sort by County, City, Trade Name etc.


Speaking of Hazardous Waste . . .

Have you been wringing your hands over what to do with all that leftover paint thinner, pool chemicals, rechargeable batteries & little Mikey’s chemistry set that you’ve let gather dust, all the while fretting it will spontaneously combust? As easy as it sounds,  YOU KNOW you can’t toss it in the garbage or pour it down the drain! Do tell.

There is a good solution to this problem.  Snohomish County Public Works has Free disposal at the Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Station just for these & other leftover toxic products. This is for households only, not businesses. Some exceptions, for small quantities, may apply for businesses by appointment/prior arrangement only & fees will apply.

Where: 3434 McDougall Avenue,  Everett, WA

When: Wednesday-Saturday from 7:30AM to 4PM.

More questions: 425-388-3425

For a full list of what is accepted & what is not please visit:  & search for hazardous waste in the Search box, or to make it a little easier just click on this link:

I will share one important tip from the website – “For the safety of you and your family, transport these products in sealed, non-leaking containers. Household hazardous waste can be dangerous if spilled or combined. Do not mix liquids or other chemicals.”

Got Drugs?

GotDrugslogoThe National Take Back Initiative of the U.S Department of Justice,  Drug Enforcement Administration is holding their 6th National Drug Take-Back Day this Saturday April 27th. The best drop off location for Mill Creek is the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office – South Precinct from 9Am – 1PM. That’s at 15928 Mill Creek Blvd. in Mill Creek, WA 98012.  Yay!

This is a great opportunity to clean out that medicine cabinet, nightstand or kitchen cabinet & dispose of expired & unused medicines. This is also the safest way to dispose of old medicines. They should never be thrown in the garbage or flushed down the toilet because the chemicals may harm the environment as they enter the sewer, septic systems & land fills. Do tell.

Beside the potential impact on the environment unused, expired, or unwanted meds contribute to the risk of accidental poisoning. Unwanted or no longer needed drugs that are just sitting on the shelf could get into the hands of people they were not intended for, children & teens, perhaps.

Most pharmacies & police departments in Snohomish County collect unwanted drugs all year around. However, only police departments may accept controlled substances or narcotics, for example: Oxycontin.

So, take this great opportunity to do a little spring cleaning & get rid of those unwanted meds, responsibly, this Saturday morning.

Open House – Discuss Plans for Seattle Hill Road

Snohomish County Public Works will host an Open House to discuss plans to widen nearly two miles of Seattle Hill Road from 35th Avenue to 132nd Street. The public meeting is scheduled for 6-8PM on Thursday, Feb 28th at Mill Creek Elementary School – 3400 148th St. SE Mill Creek,Wa 98012. SCPW staff will be on hand to explain the plans & answer questions.

The plan calls for adding a third lane – a center turn lane, as well as bike lanes, curbs & sidewalks. Snohomish County Public Works staff will coordinate improvements with the City of Mill Creek as Seattle Hill Road is next to Mill Creek’s high density urban village zone.

The project is still in the research, design, funding phase & no date for work has been scheduled, although the SCPW newsletter states: “If construction funds are secured, public works could advertise the project for competitive bid in 2017.”  Do tell.

For more information & a link to the SCPW newsletter visit: Snoco Public Works Seattle Hill Project

Wanted: Volunteers for SnoCo Sheriff’s Office

It’s always fun when on my travels/errands through Mill Creek I find something new & interesting to share. New to me me, anyway. Hope for you as well. I was in Starbuck’s grabbing a little pick-me-up when I noticed a poster on the community bulletin board that reminded me of the old vintage “Uncle Sam – I want you!” posters. It was our very own Snohomish County Sheriff John Lovick. And it turns out that he & his deputies are on the lookout for a few good volunteers!

There are several ways you might be able to use your talents & interests as a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer. The listings from the website include: Citizen Patrol – disabled parking enforcement, Park and Ride Lot patrol, stolen vehicle search & more, Project Lifesaver – provides electronic transmitter bracelets for vulnerable citizens who have a tendency to wander, Clerical & Data Processing – if you prefer to work in an office and Crime Prevention – programs/activities/events such as National Night Out, the Kid Care ID Program & Evergreen State Fair.

Visit the SnoCo Sheriff’s Office website for information & to read/download the application form. Once on the Home page, click on Recruiting tab, then on Volunteer from left side menu.

The application process is fully explained here. It’s a multi-step process & you’ll find it to be extremely thorough. Understand that as members of the Sheriff’s Office Team, volunteers will have access to Sheriff’s Office information & may hear/see confidential materials. Therefore, it is crucial that applicants are screened carefully. Do tell.

Other options are to email or call:
Director Ray Baron
(425) 388-3082

I think it’s pretty cool that Snohomish County citizens can take the opportunity to give their time, talents & energy; to take an active role in making our community a better place to live, work & play.